S.G. Hansen
Westchester County, New York

Bio: Birding made its way into my life in November 2013, when I happened to look out the backyard and see a flock of small gray birds incessantly foraging for seeds in the garden. I researched what species they were (Dark-Eyed Junco) and then everything else fell into place when I discovered All About Birds. My absolute favorite bird is the Brown Creeper. I adore ducks and waterfowl watching most. My preferred local birding patches include my backyard, a small lake across my street, and parks and Audubon sanctuaries around Westchester County, NY. I'm a part of the Saw Mill River Audubon Board of Directors. I earned my B.A. in Creative Writing at Wells College and my Nonfiction M.F.A. at Sarah Lawrence. This is a beginner/non-birdwatching friendly blog.. Visit my Twitter for more updates on my birding and pictures! Life list count to-date: 272 (as of May 7, 2018) Latest addition: Prothonotary Warbler and Western Meadowlark

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